Whatsapp for Business is a platform that can help companies create WhatsApp chatbot to increase their Business availability, easily connect with their customers and have real-time communication with them. Customers simply need to interact with WhatsApp chatbot as they chat with any other application.

First of all, WhatsApp chatbot integration will make it so that customers never have to wait until they contact your customer service department. Users can interact with your WhatsApp chatbot in the same way they chat with a friend. By addressing the main customer service tasks, WhatsApp chatbot integration reduces the need for a large workforce via your WhatsApp chatbot platform, you can easily alert your customers who have chosen to receive notifications from your brand.


However, in particular, Whatsapp has launched its Business, a kind of beta test run of bots on the platform, with fast responses, analytics and automated messages. Whatsapp Business currently has 3 million users, all messages sent by companies are free.

Whatsapp for Business validates the half a decade of drive to a conversational marketing and support system.

Then it’s time to improve your customer service with a new ai-powered chatbot. You can also automate reliable parts of your customer’s assistance by adding a ChatBot to live chat services from third parties.

Ai algorithm is trained to respond to customer service questions, arrange appointments, conduct internal queries and HR inquiries, and help customers control their finances through their favorite messaging applications ( WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, etc.)


Twitter has just been a few months behind Facebook in chatbot integration and has not been close to Facebook’s consumer awareness has gathered with chatbots in messaging, but the social website is still an important space for engagement, amplification and certainly leads to customer response.

Facebook has been tactical in its focus on the use of a snowball chatbot, although it has also shifted the last year, as Facebook has recognized its limits and capabilities for Messenger to become an alternative internet space for e-commerce and conversational AI interaction.

The message is global, it is the preferred method of communication for the largest consumer group on the planet ( for thousands of years ) and now, especially on the heels of such a new advertisement, companies cannot afford to ignore the message - and the possibility of 1 : 1 communication with their customers on a scale.

Whatsapp has the potential to be the king for business to consumer communication, providing a spam-free, useful communication channel.

Once WhatsApp is aware of your bot, the corresponding mobile number will be banned from WhatsApp and make your effort useless. Recently, WhatsApp announced the launch of its new Business API, which allows large companies to send non-promotional messages to customers - such as reminders about appointments, shipping and delivery information, or event tickets.

You can design your chatbot with the business model in mind and then adapt it to the specific channel as it would be for the Whatsapp robot. Remember that you can use all the power of xen and its” backend” actions to boost your Whatsapp bot with an integrated NLP engine and Integrations.

Secondly, Facebook has tested and expanded the capabilities of its Messenger application for the purpose. So, unlike WhatsApp, which is still a rather naked bone application ( more like SMS ), Messenger has the ability to build automated chatbots with images, videos, galleries, call-to-action buttons and more - making it the application of choice for marketers and business owners looking to grow their business with instant marketing. But unlike Email Marketing ( which involves the friction-filled process of asking someone to opt for ), getting new subscribers to the courier is much simpler and easier. Chatbots automatically send content to your users based on the actions they take ( click on call-to-action buttons, type in certain keywords and so on ).

With more than 1, 3 billion users, WhatsApp has recently launched an application for companies to communicate more effectively with its users on the website. When you add Twitter chats to your marketing and customer service strategies, remember that the successful bots add value and improve the user experience.

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