RSS feeds are a boon to businesses. What originally started out as a means to allow website content to be syndicated for use on other websites in the late 90s has over the years evolved to serve as a standardized format to publish frequently changing content. RSS feeds are used to share updates on blog posts, forum posts, video content, comments and events with active subscribers.

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RSS feeds are simple files submitted to feed directories that will allow subscribers to view updated content almost instantly. Up until now, RSS feeds have been actively used by businesses and marketers to update users on any new content surfacing on the website using an Aggregator that alerts users on any changes that go up on the RSS feed.

RSS feeds are a boon, twofold. Not only do RSS feeds help build backlinks and improve SEO, but they are a great way to have user be in complete control of the content they view and be engaged with the same.

As the times have evolved and so have processes, and marketers wonder if there is an advanced means of sharing RSS feeds with users. The answer is, Yes. And the solution is RSS feeds for WhatsApp.

As a business, sending an RSS feed to your subscribers is no rocket science. All it takes is a WhatsApp Business account, and FlockCast to actively send out constant updates and meaningful content to your subscribers via WhatsApp.


  • Step 1: The WhatsApp API link will urge people to enter their phone number to a WhatsApp business account.
  • Step 2: Once the number is added, the chatbot will request a confirmation to start sharing updates
  • Step 3: On receiving a confirmation, you will be now sent RSS feed updates straight to your phone.

Imagine being a business and constantly using this feature to help your users stay updated with meaningful content updates.

FlockCast ensures the RSS feeds are

  • 1. GDPR Compliant - with end-to-end encryption
  • 2. Constant - always available for your customers
  • 3. Convenient - less hassle for you and your consumers

This way you can ensure hassle-free content distribution, anytime, anywhere.

Interested in getting the WhatsApp RSS feed deployed for your business?

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